The Original WoodRat Video from 2002

What's Changed?

  • The machine now features an improved Channel (with slots for stops)

  • New Fences with a place for the fingers to pull on as you place the work, and the added tee-slots have several uses: one is to take the Wooden Faces. You can glue sandpaper to this face to hold the work safely, and renew it easily. 

    Behind the finger pull is a slot that takes the Large Cursor which tracks along the face of the Measuring Rod when needed, to allow you to mark up joint positions.

  • The quick release Power Collet featured has been superseded by the Musclechuck™.

  • The method for making tenons and sliding dovetails now utilises and stops rather than the acrylic method.

  • Martin is a little older, but still in great shape.

A more up-to-date video showing tenoning using Stops.

Martin Shows interesting things to do with the halving joint.

Flightpath Sticker and how it shows exactly where you’re cutting.