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Supplied with 4mm T-bar

Supplied with 4mm T-bar

Type 1: Fits Porter Cable; 630, 690, 691, 693, 7518, 7519, 7536, 7537, 7538, 7539 only. Does not fit 890 series routers.

Type 2: Fits DeWalt 625; Festool OF 1400 EQ PLUS USA; Festool OF 2000 E-PLUS USA; Elu 177; Trend T9 & T10 & T11; CMT’S 1850 & 2000; Freud FT1700VCE, 2000; Fein RT1800, 2000 & Metabo 1612.

Type 3: Fits DeWalt 616, 618, 621 (US Type Only); Hitachi M-12VC, M-12SC, M12VS.

Type 4: Fits Bosch 1623 AEVS, 1617 EVS, 1618 EVS, 1619 EVS, 1400E, GOF2000, Makita 3612C.

Check out the Musclechuck™ website for for the full router list.


There have been several attempts at a quick change chuck, but the problem is now nicely solved, by John DeRosa of DeRosa Engineering. It replaces your router’s chuck and thereafter, no wrenches, dropped bits, or barked knuckles, or fiddling with the push button: just a half turn of the hex key to replace it with no damage to the shaft of your bit.

The Musclechuck’s shaft is half inch, but you can use a sleeve/bushing to sleeve down to 10mm, 8mm or 1/4”. It’s highly accurate and secure and it gives just the right amount of extra depth to compensate for the plates under the router. It gives enough depth for even the smallest bit to function properly, so you don't need an extended collet. 

The Musclechuck™ will fit most routers. Its shaft size is 1/2” (12.7mm).


Continental bits tend to be 12mm not 12.7mm so the 12mm router bits will not work if you have a 12.7 or half inch shaft to fit it to. 

Allowing you to have the convenience of the Musclechuck™ and be able to use your 12mm bits, Musclechuck™ have developed a Bushing that goes from half inch or 12.7mm diameter to 12mm. It's a brilliant piece of engineering and it solves the problem well.

Now there is a Quick Change Chuck for your router that will take 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and half and quarter inch bit sizes.

But there is no Musclechuck™ for the smaller 1/4inch routers yet.

“The Musclechuck™ assembly makes fitting and removing cutters a pleasure with all forms of routing. You only need a batch of work involving frequent cutter changes to appreciate its benefits.” 

Ron Fox, The Woodworker Magazine

I have used and abused the Musclechuck™ for the better part of 12 months now and used them in all the routers they make one for. It is sorely missed when I have to use a router without a Musclechuck™. If one were to be lost or stolen it would promptly be replaced. I do keep extras in case one fails which has not happened in the 12 months I have tested the chuck.

Lance Granham, This Old Workshop

It makes is fun to rout again given I always use multiple tools for my projects. Well I will have to have a beer to celebrate getting rid of my wrenches and thanks again for coming up with such a wonderful device. 

Michael J. Riebel, The Design Shop

I have been making and designing furniture for 40 years. Shapers and routers have been part of that process but their use frequently led to less than perfect results. Chatter marks and tear out from the vibration of the motors was something that I thought had to be accepted until I had the opportunity to install, tune and use the Muscelchuck. The ease of installation was only exceeded by the product that it produced. It's operation has significantly improved the use of the router in production and eliminated time consuming touch-ups. It has been a valuable addition to my shop.

Gorman Getty, Garrett/Getty Fine Woodworking

The Musclechuck has performed flawlessly. It has eliminated the use of wrenches, which makes changing bits a breeze and has also eliminated chatter marks that were present while using the standard collet. I was able to spin larger diameter cutters at higher speeds and still did not observe any chatter or slippage. It is a high precision quality chuck and I highly recommend it.

William Richerson, Cabinet Maker