WoodRat Diamond Whetstones

Credit Card Diamond Stone Course/Fine
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Pocket Diamond Stone 75x25mm Medium/Fine
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Our professional quality diamond whetstones are the perfect way to keep your WoodRat cutters honed to perfection. More than that, they are perfect for your carbide cutters, all your workshop blades (chisels, planes etc), and your kitchen knives too!

As used by British Aerospace and Rolls Royce. 

Sharpening Tips:

Make sure that you back off behind the land if the bit blackens in use. High speed steel is recommended to work at high temperatures, but blackening means that they are not cutting.

Sharpening bits with a diamond whet depends on finding the flat ‘land’ behind the bit, and keeping the bit flat on it while you work it to and fro without turning it over onto the finished edge. Try it. Once you have the knack there’s no need to send bits away for sharpening.