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The PlungeBar™ dramatically improves the action of depthing your router. It consists of two or three bars attached to the router's base and over the router's handles so that when you squeezes them together the bit drops into the work.

You can drop the router using just one hand.

Depthing and fine adjustment are now smooth, fingertip actions, thanks to the added leverage given by the bars. One hand brings the bars together, while the other is free to check the depth of cut. 

It also improves safety – instead of having the router revving at 22,000 rpm with the bit dangerously exposed, you can keep the bit safely concealed and drop it into the wood only when you’re ready to cut.

 It's also ideal for woodworkers with gripping difficulties.

There are many applications where enhanced depthing will give greater comfort, speed and safety. 

In a Router Table

Depthing a bit in a router table can literally be a pain in the back. You have to use two hands to push the router up, another hand (or chin) to hold the table down and a fourth hand to measure the depth of cut! The PlungeBar™ makes it easy: squeeze the bars together with one hand, measure its height above the table, and lock it off.  No need for a winding handle router lifter.

Turns the router into an quick and accurate mortiser.

On the WoodRat

It gives a single handed plunge action which allows you to squeeze the router body down to the base with one hand, chomping the bit down into the work. The other hand is free to check the bit depth or track the wood into the path of the bit. 

The PlungeBar turns the router into a quick and effective mortiser. You can work without it, but you’ll use it every time you change a bit or re-depth a cut, and it’s essential for serious mortising.

You can even use it when routing freehand.


Using the PlungeBar™ puts no pressure on your work and so avoids the burn marks and jaggies as the bit enters the wood. It allows you to make ramping cuts that simply cannot be done accurately by pushing against the springs with the conventional handles.

You may take your cut down in more than three stages, or in only two, but however you plan your cut, it’s easy with the PlungeBar™. 

AEG OFS 710 Type B
Replace handles
Atlas Copco OFSE 1000 Type B
Replace handles
Atlas Copco OFSE 2000 E Type C
Axminster AW 635 R Type B
Axminster White 127 Type D
Black & Decker KW 800 EK / 780E Not Supported
Black & Decker KW 850 EK Type B

Black & Decker RP200

Not Supported

Bosch 1100 AE Not Supported
Bosch 1300 ACE Type D
Bosch 1611 EVS Type D
Bosch 1613 Type D
Bosch 1614 EVS Type D
Bosch 1615 Type C
Bosch 1617 EVS Type F
Bosch 1617 EVS Plunge Base Type C
Bosch 1619 EVS Type C
Bosch 1700 ACE Type C
Bosch 2000 Type C
Bosch 600 ACE Not Supported
Bosch 800 Type D
Bosch 900 ACE Type D
Bosch GOF 900 Type D

Bosch GOF 1300 ACE

Type D  
Bosch GOF 1600 ACE Type C
Bosch POF 400 A Type B
Bosch POF 500 Not Supported
Bosch POF 800 Type D  
Bosch POF 1100, 1300, 1400 Not Supported  
Challenge Xtreme M5757 Type D  

Charnwood P220

Type D

CMT 1850 W Type A
CMT AW 127 R Type D
Craftsman 26835 Not Supported
Craftsman 27506 Not Supported
Craftsman 27510 Not Supported
Craftsman 27511 Not Supported
DeWalt 618 Type D  
DeWalt 613 Type B
Dewalt 6156 Type B
DeWalt 616 Type F
DeWalt 620 Type D
DeWalt 620 L Type D
DeWalt 621 EK Type D
DeWalt 621 KL Type D
DeWalt 624 Type A
DeWalt 625 Type A
DeWalt 626 Type F
DeWalt 629 Type A
Draper 67985 Type B
Draper 850 V Type B
Draper R 1900 V Type C
Einhell EOF 850 SP Type B
ELU 3338 Type A
ELU 96 E Type B
ELU 97 E Type D
ELU MOF 177 Type A
Replace handles
Erbauer 1/2" 1850 Watt Type D
FEIN PT 1800 Type F
Felisatti Type F
Ferm 1050 Watt Type B
Ferm FPF-8E Type B
Festool 1400 Not Supported  
Festool 2200 Not Supported  
Festo 2000 E Type C

Flex OF2926 BE

Type E

Freud OF 1000 EB Not Supported
Freud FT 2000 E Type C
Switch needs to be sawn off
Freud OF 1000 EB Not Supported
Hitachi KM12VC Not Supported  
Hitachi M 12 SA Type C
Hitachi M 12 V Type C
Hitachi M 8 V Type B
Hitachi ZK 2008 Not Supported
Holzher 2355 Type B
Replace handles
Holzher 2356 Type B
Replace handles
Holzher 2365 Type C
JCB D PR 12 Type C
JCB Power Master Type D
Mafell LO 65 E Type C/F
Makita 3612 Old model Type C
Switch on body
Makita 3612C New model Type F
Switch on handle
Makita 3620 Type B
Makita RF 1101 Kit Not Supported
Makita RP 0910 Type B
Makita RP 1101 Not Supported
Makita RP 1110 C Type B
Metabo 1812 Type F
Metabo OF 1028 Type B
Replace handles
Metabo OF 1229 Type B
Metabo OF 1612 Type F
Metabo OFE 1229 Signal Type D
Switch needs to be sawn off
Milwaukee OFSE 1000 Not supported
Atlas Copco OFSE 1000 Type B
Replace handles
Lamello 1800 Type F  
NuTool 900 Watt Type B  
NuTool XP 12 1650 Watt Type D
Performance Power Pro 1020 Type B
Performance Power Pro 1250 Type D
Performance Power Pro 2050 Type D
Perles 808 Type B
Perles 808 E Type B
Porter Cable 693 Not Supported
Porter Cable 7539 Not Supported
Porter Cable 890 Not Supported
Porter Cable 7529 / 8529 Type E
Porter Cable other than above Not Supported
No holes in base
Power Devil 1800 Watt 1/2" Type D
Power Devil PDW 5027 Type B
Power Devil PDW 5037 PR Type B
Pro 1250 Watt (B&Q) Type D
Ryobi 2100 Not Supported  
Ryobi ERT 1150 Not Supported
Ryobi ERT 1500 Type C
Ryobi ERT 241200 Type C
Ryobi R 151 Type B
Ryobi R 501 Type C
Ryobi R 502 Type C
Ryobi RE 600 Type C
Ryobi RE 120 Type C
Ryobi RE 120 Type B
Ryobi RE 155 Type B
Ryobi RE 601 Type C
Ryobi RE 601 E Type C
Ryobi TR 50 Not Supported
Silverline 1/4" Type B  
Silverline 1/2" Type D  
Trend T 3 Not Supported
Trend T 5 Type B
Trend T 9 Type F

Trend T10 / T11

Type A

Triton Not Supported
Vitutex FR 77 C Type B
Vitutex FR 78 C Type B
Wickes 1650 Type D

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