The WoodRat 900 now has a new improved channel and sliding bar, with more tee slots for added functionality. It also features new aluminium fences, also with extra t-slots. It comes with a full manual, raising plate, alu guide rails, centre liner, flightpath sticker and parallelogram - everything you need to get jointing. The profiling brush has been superseded by a section of pile carpet to give upward push for profiling. There is also an extra wire, and a blue pawl in case of breakages in the spares bag.

We offer a no quibble 28 day guarantee, if you wish to return it in good condition, and a three year warranty against defective parts. 

Almost all parts and accessories will fit to older machines to upgrade them.

Recommended Accessories

• PlungeBar™ for easy depthing and morticing It turns the Router into a single handed Mortiser.  There is PlungeBar for most makes of Router

• Musclechuck (essential quick change collet)

• Mitre Box (for mitered cuts)

• Cutter Set 1 or 2 (quality HSS bits)

Fill-in Set with the Sets will give you the full range of 1in7 dovetail bits

Mortice Rail (the ultimate mortising carriage)

• Diamond Whetsone (perfect for sharpening HSS)

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