The WoodRat WR900

The WoodRat is a unique router control system that harnesses the power of your router to make virtually any woodworking joint. Whether you're a beginner or a pro making classic or modern furniture, the WoodRat will help you take your woodworking to new levels of efficiency, quality and creativity. 

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Oak chest of drawers jointed entirely with the WoodRat.

Impressively precise... Offers exceptional cutter control
— Fine Woodworking
The results come out great - especially the very thin dovetails that look like handcuts. Lots of room for creativity.
— By Edward Falis, Ipswich, Ma
I’ve had my WoodRat set up now for about two weeks, the machine is simply amazing. The joinery process in our shop has been cut by half.
— Liam Martin of M&M Carpentry


No more wrenches, The Musclechuck™ is a replacement router collet that works with just a twist of an allen key.

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Turn your routers awkward plunge feature in a smooth, one-handed action. Your router is now a mortiser!

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