Mortise Rail MR4

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Mortise Rail MR4


The MR4 takes mortising on the WoodRat to new levels of speed, accuracy and versatility. A precision engineered, aluminium trough holds multiple pieces, solid and square - ready to be cut in any way you wish. Accurate, repeatable mortices are now a easier than ever. And (being WoodRat) there's more. . .

Heavy duty alu extrusion
Generous 90mm trough hold several pieces
Fits in seconds using the holes for the fences
Holds long and heavy pieces
Can be mounted upside down to support a table for routing boards flat
Stops control your cuts - their length, width and position

Pieces can be morticed, grooved, drilled and even tenoned
Work can be tracked the entire 900mm of the WoodRat's length!
The complex job of cutting multiple, matching mortises in several pieces is now made easy.

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