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A Unique, Powerful Machine For Every Jointing Task

The WoodRat was developed to solve all the inherent problems of a dovetail jig. Now you can make superb, elegant, super-strong Dovetails bigger, smaller and with more variations than ever before. No dovetail jig comes close.

This incredible Machine will also create excellent Mortise and Tenons, Sliding Dovetails, Dowel Joints, Dado Joints, Lap Joints, Raised Panels, Halving Joints, Bridle Joints as well as fantastic miniature Finger Joints and more. It also performs all your router table tasks such as Decorative Profiles and Grooves.

Now routing is a pleasure and a real creative journey. Instead of a complicated array of jigs, you have one intuitive machine for every jointing task - simple or complex.

Absolute Control With Pin-Point Accuracy

The router can be moved back and forth and it can be stopped at any distance from the machine face. Wood, clamped onto the sliding bar, can be tracked left or right with pinpoint accuracy using the handle.

Cutting on the X and Y axis forms the basis of nearly all jointing operations. The Z axis is given by the plunge of the router which is mounted the right way up with all the controls easily visible and accessible. You even get a clear view of every cut.

No Templates

The WoodRat uses no templates. This means that you’re not asked to pay more money every time you need a different setting or a new joint. You decide how big the joints are and where they go. You are in complete control.

Easy To Use

Just clamp the wood in and cut. It's that simple. The manual guides you step by step through all the main jointing operations, getting you up to speed quickly and easily. There's lot you can learn, but it's not complicated. Ratting is "hands-on" great fun!


The router is tool that demands respect. One slip can ruin your work or even cause serious injury. Bolted in the 'Rat is one of the safest place's it can be used. It is safely housed until brought forward for a cut. Your hands stay well away from the bit, making it ideal for the beginner.

Saves Money

The WoodRat is not a cheap tool, it's a professional quality Machine made in Great Britain. However, buy a WoodRat and you wont need a Dovetail Jig, M&T Jig or Router Table. A dramatic saving overall.

Built Tough

The basis for the WoodRat is a rock-solid, precision engineered aluminum chassis. Other parts are robust synthetic laminate and glass-reinforced nylon. It's ultra-reliable and ready for the rigors of daily use in a commercial workshop. And it looks great too.

More Unique Features

Utilizes any router

The Manual Powerfeed means no breakout

It's compact and fits on the wall of the smallest workshop

Dust extraction is easy to fit, so your lungs don't suffer

No Risk Guarantee

The WoodRat comes with a clear and detailed manual and a no quibble guarantee. Try the WoodRat for 28 days. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, give us a call and we'll arrange collection. We'll even arrange for return shipping as well as refund your entire purchase price.

At last you can de-clutter your workshop. The WoodRat is your tool for every jointing task.


EU: £510.30 (inc.VAT)

WW: £425.25 (ex.shp)

USA: $ 749.00 (inc.shp)



Acts as a router table, but the right way up. Handfeed or powerfeed. Raise panels.

Sliding Dovetails

Quick and easy. Beats the router table hands down.


Perfect square tenons, breakout-free in seconds.


Using the plunge of your router. ideal for delicate work.


The widest range and the most elegant shape with variable spacing.

With no guidebush, you get a clear view of your cut

The WR5 makes dovetails in stock up to 2" thick

3 way showcase joint. The WoodRat makes the simple joints and complicated ones

See the Gallery for more samples

I bought it as a dovetailing machine, but I now use it for so many joints I could not begin to write them all down.

Andy Boyd (Customer)


A work of engineering art"

Woodworking Magazine


***** 5 out of 5 Stars

Traditional Woodworker

Working With The WR900


The WR900


• Ali Fences

• Improved Channel

• No Slop In The Bar

• Extra Tee Slots

• Wall Mounting Cleats

• See Larger Photo

Router not included

PlungeBar sold separately

A Router Table - The Right Way Up

The WoodRat acts as a router table, profiling any length of work with the advantage of having the router the right way up. Now it's easy and comfortable to set your router and to see your cut.

This means you can create all your decorative and funtional profi les, grooves and rabetts. And loosing that router table frees up much needed space.

To keep the wood against the fence, the 'Rat uses a simple brush, acting as a featherboard, clamped beneath the cutter. This allows variable pressure and no kick back. It's low-tech, b ut it works very well. You can use all your existing bits except for large horizonal panel raisers. The WoodRat raises panels using vertical bits with the wood clamped upright.


“Impressively precise.. offers exceptional cutter control”

Fine Woodworking

It is an extremely clever instrument, having both precision and finesse.

Michael Williams (Customer)

Sliding Dovetails Make Shelves In Minutes

A real pain by hand, impossible on a router table, the 'Rat makes this essential joint with ease and with absolutely no breakout. This means you can make incredibly strong shelves in no time. You can even put legs on tables.

The housing (dado) is cut with the workpiece clamped under and across the Plate. To cut the tenon, the wood is tracked through the cutter, held in the Cam Clamp.

Dado (Housing) Joints can also be made in this way, but Sliding Dovetails are much stronger and just as simple to make.

“Well made, versatile & easy to master”

Woodworkers Journal

“I've had my WoodRat set up now for about two weeks, the machine is simply amazing. The joinery process in our shop has been cut by half.”

Liam Martin of M&M Carpentry (Customer)

I'm producing accurate tenons with the cleanest shoulders this side of woodwork heaven, neat mortises, elegant dovetails etc. etc. A great way to tame the beast that is an unharnessed route r.

Forum ID: spikeu (Customer)

“For me the WoodRat would pay for itself used solely for tenoning”

Paul Richardson, American Router

Mortises & Tenons Without The Hassle

The 'Rat is both a Mortiser and a Tenoner. Because there's no machine bed, Mortises can be carefully placed in all kinds of awkward pieces. Add the PlungeBar (sold separately) and you can easily plunge a row of neat holes and then track the wood to make a slot mortise. A simple shop-made Mortise Rail holds the wood horizontal across the machine. Or, you can opt for the Aluminium Mortise Rail with added features.

Tenons are a WoodRat specialty, deep, square and breakout free. The 'Rats manual powerfeed gives the wood to the cutter on the down-cut, giving a perfect edge to every joint. The size of tenon is set using simple stops so accuracy and repeatability are assured. Forget, M&T jigs, Router Tables and Band Saws, the 'Rat wins hands down.


The WoodRat "Left-Right" registration

WoodRats unique 1- in-9 slope dovetails

The biggest and the smallest WoodRat dovetails

Beautiful Dovetails You Control

As well as being the best way to joint two boards, Dovetails are the perhaps the most elegant and pleasing of all joints. Maybe that's why they've been used for more than 4000 years! Unfortunately, todays range of dovetail jigs do them little justice. For the most part, they look machine made and there are countlesss restrictions on how the joint is laid out and what wood can be used.

Not so with the WoodRat. You can now make any kind of dovetail, through, lapped or secret, using our fine HSS bits to make a joint any craftsman would be proud of. We use a unquiqe method of left-right registration where the tail sockets become a templatre for the pins. Thus you get 100% accuracy, repeatability and there are no teplates to buy, no fingers to adjust and no guidebushes. You can put your joints anywhere you like. You can join wafer thin boards with tiny dovetails or 2" x 30" boards with massive dovetails.

If you are serious about making dovetails, the WoodRat is your clear choice.


“An excellent dovetailer capable of producing the finest joints”

Andy Standing, The Woodworker

I am blown away with your creation. It is by a long way the best routing and dovetailing platform that I have ever come across.

Victor Ravensdale (Customer)


Joints can be mass produced saving time

WoodRat dovetails next to those made with a conventional jig

Drawer-Front Dovetails Look Hand Cut

Pull out a door from an antique chest and you'll probably see a charming row of ultra-fine hand-cut dovetails. Compare these to the blocky joints in a modern mass-produced drawer and the difference is clear, but who has time to hand-cut dovetails?

Now you can have the best of both worlds. Fine elegant joints with the speed of a jig. The WoodRat is the only machine to make drawer-front dovetails that closely match classic hand-cut needle-pins.

The sides can b e cut in batches for mass production runs (shown left).


“Money spent will be returned in spades”

Popular Woodworking

“I am completely thrilled with it. It is a very impressive machine and the ideas of things I can do with it are piling up in my head, I can't explore them fast enough.

Dennis Tudman (Customer)

Thank you for the WoodRat. I love it.

Duncan Buchanan (Customer)



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