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Your Feedback

Please tell us what you think of our machine or our service. Feel free to suggest any improvements or additions you'd like to see.

In all my years of finishing carpentry and cabinet making have I not found such a versatile precision made machine. Especially one that has been developed by a craftsman for the craftsman. The application of the fixed ratio relationship as the basis of its orientation provides exact placement of the cut with ease, even with multiple cuts.

I would also like to applaud you for your High Speed Steel bits that not only have a more pronounced elegant design for dovetails, but for their razor sharp cutting ability with a little maintenance from a diamond stone.

Hats off to you Martin Godfrey and all of those at WoodRat for producing such an
innovative and well designed machine.

Alex Disyak Calgary, AB Canada

It has allowed me to explore joints that I would not otherwise have attempted. It is an excellent machine.

Dr Ian Callaghan

The concept behind it is brilliant and it works very well. The learning curve is remarkably shallow and you will be finding new ways to use it almost immediately.

I am completely thrilled with it. It is a very impressive machine and the ideas of things I can do with it are piling up in my head, I can't explore them fast enough.

Dennis Tudman email

I've had my WoodRat set up now for about two weeks, the machine is simply amazing. The joinery process in our shop has been cut by half.

Liam Martin of M&M Carpentry (email)

I am blown away with your creation. It is by a long way the best routing and dovetailing platform that I have ever come across.

Victor Ravensdale (email)

Hi, I've just received my 'Rat and set it up and am extremely impressed with its accuracy and simplicity of operation. Keep up the good work.

Stephen Foley (email)

The Rat I purchased so many years ago is still my most used router setup. Whenever I have a problem I can't seem to solve any other way, I put on the thinking cap and head for the Rat where a solution is usually at hand.

Wayne H. Tinker (email)

I am delighted with my purchase. I know if I had bought the Leigh and then came across the WoodRat I would be cursing myself. The WoodRat fills many roles with no compromise in quality that I have yet found.

UK DIY Forum:

I bought it as a dovetailing machine, but I now use it for so many joints I could not begin to write them all down.

Andy Boyd (email)

As for the learning curve - its been fun. A Great way to cut Dovetails, Tenons and sliding dovetails, clean shoulders, accurate cutting, easy and positively fun compared to holding a board on end above a router table.

Forum ID: synonym

I'm producing accurate tenons with the cleanest shoulders this side of woodwork heaven, neat mortises, elegant dovetails etc. etc. A great way to tame the beast that is an unharnessed router.

Forum ID: spikeu

Thank you for your great invention

Beau Dobson (letter)

It is an extremely clever instrument, having both precision and finesse.

Michael Williams (letter)

I’m stunned. What an amazing tool.

G. Glass (letter)

What was previously reckoned in hours is now accomplished in minutes!

Thierry Chessum (letter)

Your WoodRat is a joy to use, a very clever woodworking jig.

Shane Hertzog (letter)

If you are looking for a jig to do dovetails, sliding dovetails, box joints and just about everything else, the WoodRat is what you want.

Mr. Cantoda (letter)

What a difference! It is like night and day.

James Pearson (letter)

Most used "tool" in my shop. The more you use it, the less you even think of using clamps, jigs etc.

rec.woodworking Date: 2003-02-07 05:50:56 PST

Thank you for the WoodRat. I love it.

Duncan Buchanan (email)

Using the Rat has greatly improved production and quality in our woodworking shop. We design and build custom wooden boxes, many of which require the use of finger joints. Just prior to receiving an order for 150 boxes, we received our Rat. In a very short time we were able to cut all the pieces and parts for these boxes. And what a neat and clean job it did! We love our WoodRat and would highly recommend it to anyone in the woodworking industry.

Dan & Deb McBride



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