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The first WoodRat prototype



The Seeds Of An Idea

In 1982 Martin Godfrey switched from a career in Architecture, to become a professional woodcarver. He specialized in carving lifelike rocking horses. To one horse he decided to add a secret drawer, hidden in it's chest. The drawer required dovetails, so (used to making his own specialist jigs), Martin set about to solve the problem. The result was a primitive WoodRat, made from wood, nylon and whatever came to hand. It worked! Before long it became clear that the 'Rat was capable of more than just Dovetails. It seemed to have a knack for solving all kinds of jointing problems without much difficulty. Tenons, Sliding Dovetails, Mortises and Profiles to name a few. It needed a name. The way is gnaws the ends of boards evoked the name Woodrat.

Taking On The World

Six years later Martin took the decision to start a company to manufacture and market his unique machine. It has been a long process, launching a daring new product from a start-up company, at a time when British manufacturing was in sharp decline. The driving force has been Martin's dogged determination coupled with huge encouragement from customers over the years.

WoodRat Today

Small but perfectly formed, WoodRat now operates from a new factory in the small village of Godney, West England. We also have a new branch in the USA.

Today WoodRats are sold all around the World.

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